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NWS JetStream-Atmosphere

Interactive lesson on Atmospheric Structure

Common Prefixes Video

Calculating Moles
Introduction to Moles

Converting between grams and moles

Mole Ratio Practice Problems

Convert b/w moles, atoms, molecules

Types of Chemical Reactions
Types of Chemical Reactions

Chemistry Math Review
Chemistry Calculations

Significant Figures Calculations

Dimensional Analysis Calculations

Valence Electrons
Valence Electrons (Tyler Dewitt)

Electron Orbital Diagrams
Electron Configuration (Bozeman)

Drawing Lewis Dot Diagrams (Bozeman)

Lab Equipment Quiz
Lab Equipment Quiz

Upon completion, show your results to teacher.

Introduction to Microscopes
High School Compound Microscopes

How to use a Microscope

Parts of the Microscope

Anatomy and Physiology Textbook
Anatomy & Physiology Textbook

Common Prefixes Video

Common Suffixes Video

Formal Lab Report Format
Lab Report Format

Homeostasis Review Video

Please take notes while viewing this video.  Use these notes to summarize the video.  Due end of class.

Skeletal System Wordsearch

Body Regions and Quadrants Video

Introduction to Acids and Bases


Complete the Introduction to Acids and Bases handout given by your teacher.  This is the same as the one found at this link.  Fill in the blanks using the links provided in each part.  Turn in parts 1-4 before leaving class today.  Complete the additional pages at home.  Provide answers on notebook paper.

Tour of the Cell

View this video and write a summary comparing cell functions to something else we are exposed to daily.

Label all cell parts and describe their functions

Cells Crossword Puzzle

Read the directions at the top of the puzzle.   Show your teacher the results.

Cellular Transport


1.  View the virtual lab on Cellular tranport. Select the following topics found on the left side: Overview, Membrane, Diffusion/Osmosis, Passive Transport, and Active Transport.

2.  Read the captions give under all topics

2. You must draw the diagrams shown under each topic, explain what happens in each process.  Do not forget to click the continue button and observe.

Cell Video Game

Directions: Select the cell video game and play.  Also select other anatomy games and enjoy.



1. Review Major Bones on textbook page 134, or visit your online, Skeletal System Chapter. 

2. Complete all level 1 min grade 30.  Complete level 2, min grade 60.  Complete all and get a min grade of 90.

2. The go to the website above and test your memory skills.  Take the test, and show your results to teacher.

Sheep Brain Dissection Guide


1. Read the entire guide before dissection.

2. Complete the dissection analysis matching and labeling

Sheep Brain Anatomy Labeling


1. While viewing this video, correctly label the Sheep's Brain handout(2or3)

2. Your teacher will then instruct you on which labels to prepare and use during dissection.

Sheep Brain Dissection - Parts & Functions

Directions:  View this video in preparation for actual sheep brain dissection.

Games By Body System

Directions: Complete each assigned game.  Email results to teacher.

Lights, Camera, Action Potential

Nerve Impulse Molecular Mechanism (3-D Anamation)

Bozman Video (Special Senses)


View this video. Sketch and label diagrams.   and trace the flow of sense of smell and hearing

CHS Bookstore
CHS Bookstore

Science Fair Project Ideas

Science Project Ideas
Science Buddies

Build a Theories of Matter Timeline


Google the link. Create your timeline including all date listed.  Select 5 Facts regarding each Scientist/Event.

Use the color strips of paper provided by teacher.  Keep timelines neat.

Science Projects (Scienteer Registration)
New Student Scienteer Data Entry