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Downloadable Apps:

My user name is rpovlacs, I post about politics, history, my family, my friends, my pet peeves, my travels, and classroom activities.


Great for posting quick pictures of daily activities, hobbies, interests, etc...


101 Remind

Download for free.  I can text you and your parents reminders about class and we will never see each other's phone numbers!

Google Drive

Store your files in the cloud, and access files from home on multiple devices using a Google Drive.  This is extremely helpful for class assignments.

Google Drive - Drive - Google

My Homework App

My Homework allows you to keep track of class assignments with your smart phone, tablet, etc...Stay organized!

AP US History App

Use this app to practice multiple choice questions for Honors/Dual Enrollment U.S. History I & II


Study the Constitution and Federalist Papers with this app.

SAT Question of the Day

Practice questions for the SAT - challenge your brain!



I use Pandora both in and out of the classroom, especially to play music from different eras for my students.

http://Pandora Internet Radio - Listen to Free Music You'll Love

Common Core Standards

Want a closer read of the Common Core Standards?

Useful Websites:
CHS Bookstore

Download your class textbook here.

Digital History

Excellent companion to our class text, contains many links to the primary sources we use in class.

Gilder Lehrman APUSH

AP for Students

Learn more about your course here.

AP for students

Vocab, docs, tips

Notes for American Pageant Textbook

American Pageant Flashcards & Other History Flashcards


EF Tour Links

Link to Ireland/Scotland/london Tour.  This is open to current Sophomores/Juniors in good academic/disciplinary standing. 

Early enrollments secures the current price and $200 discount.  You may make the low monthly payments (which is what I and the company suggest) or make one lump sum payment.  If you have major questions about payment options, please talk to me or contact EF, they are extremely helpful.

This tour is for June 2016 and we will have several fundraisers as long as students are willing.