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Google Classroom 

Calendars, PowerPoints, Assignments, and Warm-Ups can be found on the Google Classroom Website.

Students should log into Google Classroom at

They will log in using their Ozark City Schools email and password (what they use to log into ChromeBook). If student's have not joined my class, codes can be found below. 

Class code for Students:

Environmental Science- 50ds4e

Physical Science- cmyodyb

Biology- he5lxw

A link to the CHS Bookstore can be found under the ABOUT tab. Digital copies of textbooks can be found here.

Assignments can be found under the STREAM tab. This should automatically pull up when the student goes into the class page.

PowerPoints, Warm-Ups, and any other assignments can be found under the ABOUT tab. These will be grouped by chapter.

Calendar can be accessed under the ABOUT tab. Make sure to click the "Open in Google Calendar View". Tests, Quizzes, and Projects will be listed on the calendar. Daily work and homework will not be listed.