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Danika Deal Staff Photo


Hi & Welcome!! 

This is my third year at Carroll High School.  I am a part of the Freshman Academy Team teaching Career Prep and Modern World History/World Geography. 

Career Prep has a lot of real-world knowledge information where students can discover more insight into the world outside of high school and provides them with the necessary information and tools to be successful in their future.

Modern World History/World Geography.  In this class, we will learn Renaissance & Reformation through Modernity: Nationalism, Trade, & Terror in the Era of Democratization & Globalization.

I am also one of the Freshman Class Sponsors and the head varisty Basketball Cheer Coach.  I am very excited for this school year and cannot wait for basketball season!  I am fortunate to be on a team with such amazing coaches and sponsors and I believe that the CHS Basketball department has a winning combination!

If you have any questions about my class or interest in learning more about what I will be teaching send me an email and I will be happy to help in any way I can.  I am very excited about this incoming class and look forward to another exciting year here at Carroll High School!  Go Eagles!!