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Rodney McCloud Staff Photo


Please also check out the Photo Album for renderings done in 3DS Max. 

Our lab is fortunate to have a Dimension SST 768 3D Printer.  This cutting edge technology helps the students work come to life.  As I'm always asked how it works, this is a shortened video of a 1.5 hour print.  The crescent wrench is functional after also.  


This video was created by my first Three dimensional solid modeling class using 3DS Max.  They literally were in the process of learning 3DS when we started this project.  I think it came out great. This image mimicks an artery with blood cells flowing out of it.  It is the introduction to an informational video on Bloodborne Pathogens. 


This video was created by my Spring 2014 Advanced Drafting Design class.  They measured and drew my entire lab in AutoCAD and added materials to make it look more lifelike.  This was their class project.  I think they did a great job.  Little did I know this was only the beginning.