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Cindy Smith Staff Photo

I have worked with Ozark City Schools for 23 years.  I have taught at Carroll High School since the 2005-2006 school year. My closest friends used to tell me that I was a professional student.  I went to school at night to receive my degrees and it seemed as though I was ALWAYS in class.  I have an Associates in Fine Arts, B.S. in Accounting with a minor in Business and a MBA with enough additional accounting classes to certify me to teach at the college level.  I have taught college accounting since 1996, and have taught with Enterprise, Wallace and Embry-Riddle.

I am a National Board Certified Teacher. 


My name is Cindy Smith.  I am a Business Teacher at Carroll High School.  I am also the Yearbook Sponsor at Carroll High.

Six years ago, the Carroll High Business Academy was "adopted" by Alabama Power.  Through this sponsorship, Alabama Power works with us to help develop our students into the employee that every employer is looking to hire.