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Dress Code Changes
Posted On:
Monday, July 17, 2017

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Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:


Carroll High School is an educational institution that aims to instruct students in academic content, as well as build and refine both career and life skills. In the interest of having a safe, orderly school, which maximizes students’ potential to practice skills for successful adulthood, Carroll High School follows the Ozark City Schools’ Dress for Success policy. Faculty, staff and students are expected to exercise appropriate dress and grooming for the learning environment. Enforcement of the Dress for Success policy is not intended to diminish self-expression or exercise unreasonable control over students or staff; however, current trends seem to favor certain modes of fashion that are inappropriate for the school environment.


During the 2016-2017 school year, the Ozark City Schools’ Board of Education tasked a committee of administrators, teachers, parents and students to research the pros and cons of moving toward a school uniform. Upon the conclusion of the research, the committee made the recommendation to the Board of Education to decline implementing a school uniform. The Board of Education accepted this recommendation with the charge to develop and implement with consistency a sound dress code which would enhance our students’ experiences to meet our system vision “to prepare each student for college/work/adulthood.”


Included with this letter is our newly revised Dress for Success policy. The changes from the previous school year are in bold. The administration at Carroll High School recognizes the importance of students being in class to optimize their learning experience; therefore, we ask for complete compliance with the dress code.  As in previous years, repeated offenses may result in disciplinary action. To aide in understanding what is acceptable and unacceptable dress, parents and students may find a Dress for Success powerpoint located on the Carroll High School website. Further questions for clarification should be directed to school administration. We hope that our students are having a refreshing summer vacation and look forward to their return to Carroll High School on August 4, 2017.




Sean T. Clark

Carroll High School, Principal





Dress for Success


Students will not be allowed to attend school if their appearance or dress constitutes a health or safety hazard or disrupts the orderly operation of the school. The principal is responsible for making judgments in this area.


1.               Footwear is required. School specific rules apply (including tennis shoes must be

worn at P.E. and shoe laces must be tied to avoid hazard). **Tennis shoes are preferred at Lisenby Primary School due to safety issues outside, but not required.

2.               Jewelry that creates hazardous conditions shall not be worn. **Lisenby Primary School requests

that jewelry, other than earrings in ears, not be worn to school due to possible loss by students.

3.             Eyeglasses with tinted lenses may not be worn in the building except for medical reasons.

4.             Clothes and hair shall be clean and neat.  Students shall follow appropriate personal hygiene. 

5.             Hats, caps, and head coverings (including sleepwear accessories) shall not be worn in the school building unless designated by the school for special days.

6.             Unbuckled belts or suspenders shall not be worn.

7.             Shirts are required to have solid sleeves that cover or cap the entire shoulder. **Lisenby Primary students    may wear sleeveless dresses and tops- no halters, spaghetti straps, or tank tops.

8.             Costumes or uniforms (including togas, hospital gowns, or masks) are not allowed except when approved.

9.             No sleepwear (including pajamas, gowns, sleepwear accessories, slippers, and blankets) shall be worn.

10.          See-through clothing, plunging necklines, excessively tight clothes (shirts, skirts, or pants), or clothes that bare the midriff are not allowed.

11.          Lewd or vulgar sayings on clothing (including decals, slogans, or sayings that contain references to illegal or immoral behaviors or advertisements to alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs) are not allowed. 

12.          Shorts, skirts, or dresses with waistband at natural waistline shorter than fingertips in length around the entire                 garment are not allowed. Splits in shorts/skirts/dresses should not be higher than the fingertips. Leggings may be worn with appropriate length dresses, skirts, or tunics. Beginning in the 6th grade, leggings with T-shirts / sweatshirts are not permitted.

13.          Beginning in the 9th grade, no athletic pants or shorts may be worn outside of the P.E. classroom unless approved by the principal for team activities.

14.          Sagging pants, oversized pants or pants not worn at the waist are not allowed.

15.          No holes, frays, patches, or tears are allowed in shirts, pants, skirts or shorts.

16.          Male students are required to tuck in all shirts fully (all around the waist) so that belt loops and/or waistband are visible. *Belts are recommended with pants that have belt loops. **Lisenby Primary School will begin this transition for 2nd graders during the second semester of school. 

17.          Only earrings in ears are acceptable. Students with facial piercings are required to wear clear retainers.

18.          Undergarments are required.

19.          Oversized clothing is not allowed.

20.          Full-length coats will not be worn inside the school building.

**Developmentally appropriate implementation will occur in the primary grades at Lisenby Primary School.


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