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Ms. Hughes personal page
Ms. Hughes site

This site can be utilized to gain resources, contact me or gather needed information. You may also contact me direct for further assistance.

National Financial Aid Data For Future Reference
National Financial Aid Data For Future Reference
The Student Loan Report regularly publishes both news and reports regarding higher education. Recently, we published a report covering the average student loan debt at graduation for colleges across the country.

I thought this report would be especially helpful for your students trying to decide where to attend college.

It is useful for comparing how much debt the average student is walking away with at various colleges throughout the nation. There’s data from over one thousand schools in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

In our research, we’ve found that listed college costs don’t always tell the whole story when it comes to paying for college. Having this data can help students figure out how much they may truly end up paying in the long run.

Here’s the link to the full report:

By the way, you may be interested to hear that colleges in Alabama collectively ranked #23 nationally in terms of low student debt per graduate. It’s also worth mentioning there’s more national data found at the bottom of the report.

Matt Lenhard

ACT Preparation Link
ACT Preparation Link

RN Program
Alabama RN Programs

This resource was created to speak to Alabama's unique nursing salary and licensure qualifications. As students and  parents start exploring  post-secondary options check out this link for more information.

Fast Web- Scholarhship
Fast Web

Access over 1.5 million scholarships
to help you pay for college


Alabama Works!
Career Success Guides

AlabamaWorks Career SUCCESS Guides. The guides will help students learn more about the upcoming high-demand careers and their salary ranges, the steps students need to take to reach their career goals, and the resources available to help them get there. There are sixteen guides, one for each career cluster. Each guide also features six short bios of Alabamians who volunteered to share their story and path to their current work role right here in our great state.

Selective Service
Selective Service

If you are a MALE age 18 - 25, you MUSTsign up for the selective service before you can complete the FAFSA.

​***​For more information click on "Why register?" once you go to the website.​

Junior Achievement Student Center
Career direction

Students can take a career assessment, browse jobs, learn how to manage money, explore colleges, how to finance college, entrepreneurship, business and banking simulations (games), inside look at top companies.

Maryville University College Planning Guide
College planning guide

This link will aid you in deciding which college and preparing to get there.

Career One Stop
Best guide to potential careers

Guide for teens to prepare them for career journey. Source of career information and inspiration. A place to manage a pathway to a career. Assistance in resume building.

Federal Student Aid
College and financial planning

A resource for students that are in need of financial aid to fund college and career training. The website contains requirements for qualification as well as an application to request these funds.

ASVAB Career Exploration Program
Narrow Career Choices

Aids in student self-exploration and provides a skills and interests tests that will help narrow down career choices appropriate for each individual and help to set career goals. There is even a section for parents to refer to.

Alabama Scholarships
Local Scholarships

Thousands of national and local scholarship opportunities to match your needs and interests. With Achieve Alabama, you can find exactly which scholarships you qualify for and receive updates as more opportunities become available.

Corvias Foundation Scholarship
Corvias Foundation Scholarship

Corvias Foundation scholarship applications are open! Attached you will find printable flyers to share with high school seniors and spouses. Applicants can find all relevant application details via the Apply Now page of our website.


Those who have an active-duty parent or spouse stationed at one of the following installations may be eligible:

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Fort Bragg

Fort Meade

Fort Polk

Fort Riley

Fort Rucker

Fort Sill

*Applicants do NOT have to reside in Corvias housing to be eligible to apply


We will post frequent content related to our applications on each of our social channels. We invite you to follow us on your favorite platform and share with those you serve.


Facebook @CorviasFoundation

Instagram @corviasfoundation


Twitter @CorviasFdn


Thank you for your time and for your service to military-connected students!


Warm regards,


Erin Mathias  I  Programs Administrator

main: (401) 228-2883  cell: (425) 501-5398

MG Law Office Scholarship Info!
MG Law Office Scholarship

MG Law Office is offering a great scholarship opportunity that we want to 
be sure that your students are aware of and have the opportunity to apply 
for. The scholarship is available for high school seniors as well as any 
student pursuing a higher education. The scholarship application is 
creative and different than most that your students are likely filling 
out. We are asking that they create a 45-60 second video advertisement on 
the dangers of drunk driving. The winning ad will be selected based on 
quality, usability, effectiveness, creativity, and helpfulness to warn 
people about the dangers of drunk driving. There are more instructions on 
the application itself.

US News & World Report-Student Loans
Student loan/repayment options


financial literacy resources designed to help students learn about how to pay for college. 
Our team here at U.S. News & World Report recently created a series guide that breakdowns the different types of student loans and available repayment options, how they work and what students should know before considering them. I think your readers would find it beneficial!
Ashley McNamara
Outreach Associate working with U.S. News & World Report


Since college and stress typically go hand-in-hand, it's important for high school seniors to learn stress coping skills before starting college. The guide explains stress management, how college lifestyle impacts stress, and the relationship between stress and anxiety.

College stress resource suggestion
Stress in college students

College is an exciting time, full of new challenges that continually drive you to expand your horizons. While some of these experiences can be thrilling, others may simply leave you feeling stressed. In fact, many college students feel stress while going to school. Only 1.6 percent of undergraduates reported that they felt no stress in the last 12 months, according to the National College Health Assessment (NCHA).

Being able to manage stress is crucial for your academic success and personal well-being in college. Luckily, this guide from Western Governors University will provide you with information about how to recognize different kinds of stress, various sources of stress for college students, as well as tips for coping in a healthy way. If you are able to identify and understand stress, you will be able to ensure your time as a student is rewarding and enjoyable.

National Scholarships
National Scholarships

Site to access for national scholarships this month!

Career/ Scholarship Exploration
Academic Invest

Academic Invest has a database of over 1,100 occupations, sorted by 
university major, as well as How to Become guides for over 600 of those 
careers, with more being added weekly. We also maintain a database of 
around 100 carefully chosen scholarships, sorted by field of study.